Neverwinter News – Masquerade of Liars Festival Coming Next Week

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have tons of great Halloween happenings for all Neverwinter players with the arrival of the Masquerade of Liars Festival. Valindra Shadowmantle isn’t about to let this opportunity pass up to give some thrills and chills to NW players.
    Why is Valindra Shadowmantle talking to the citizens of Neverwinter? Why are there phantasmal transformations all around Protector’s Enclave? Could it the upcoming Masquerade of Liars Festival? It must be! Lord Neverember has decreed that the traditional holiday of Liars’ Night be included in this new festival for six full days starting on October 29, 2013 at 10 A.M. PDT (Pacific).
    The Masquerade of Liars is a festival of frivolity and misrule. It celebrates costumes, treats, and the freedom of appearing to be someone or something you’re not. Illusionists wander the streets and entertain the crowds with phantasmal transformations, appearing as monsters and notables to the delight of all. If you are a prankster or jester, you’ll enjoy tricking friends or strangers – and possibly scaring them!
Source: mmorpg