This weekend, perhaps you would be interested in these

If you live in this Labor Day weekend to go home, you may want to look at some , will net you more loot , XP, and more in many MMORPG festive events. Fortunately for you , I’m a little too obsessed with writing news , so here are a list provides a few things this weekend .

Champions Online
Labor Day weekend also belong in the Champions Online 4 anniversary celebration . This means that you can log on this weekend double XP, double Questionite ‘s , and numerous music events in the game and small game that can net a variety of prizes.

Dark Age of Camelot
Dark Age of Camelot to celebrate the weekend , or even to give more incentives and darkness lay waste the weekend opposing factions . Realm points, bounty points , experience and distinctive bonus starting today and runs through Tuesday , Sept. 3 .

Dragon’s Prophet
From today until Monday , you can get 25 % or more monsters for XP and XP from the Dragon’s Prophet more than 10% complete the task . In addition, you can get a discount , some items in the station market.

Dungeons & Dragons Online
There are no double XP this weekend , ” Disability Discrimination Ordinance ,” but there are two robbery . And who does not like a little more booty ? In addition , the store discount is available.

There is nothing complicated, just a good old fashioned double XP weekend Monday throughout .

“EverQuest II” (EverQuest II)
EverQuest II provides double XP bonus event to Monday , all of the manufacturing process , adventure , AA and guild XP.

Legends of Norrath
This is all double XP ( Tuesday ) from today through .

Neverwinter Summer Music Festival is currently underway to obtain a variety of incentives , including through new game activities beauty items , mounts, companion, and rare opportunities Sunit weapons . Just pay a visit Midsummer protected enclave priest to get started .

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Pioneer to get a double dose of good things , starting today and ending September 2013月1日( Sunday) at 11:59 pm Pacific . Dual camp will also be enabled.

Vindictus activities starting today, including some bonus AP event , the extra evil core and assault , as well as some in-game item shop selling discounted items . Bonus events have been scheduled to run several blocks of hours , every day through Monday .

This is it right now. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend , enjoy your game time.