Neverwinter companion is a real bear (cat)

Get an advanced look at Neverwinter's module 1 details
Have you ever found yourself playing “Neverwinter thought,” This is great, but it would be a better way with a huge bear wounded thing, and I cast “? Perhaps you’d prefer leopard, eagle, or a giant spider do? whether you prefer the taste, the game may have a companion to match your taste, each of them is a new partner in the show trailer embedded just past the cut, although the idea is a spider companion kind of really creepy.

The trailer is accompanied by the addition of a new partner’s cash shop, cave bear. Your companion will obediently bear wounded steal your opponents health while equipped with a maximum level of 20. There is also a new dye pack, which has very little to do with their peers, but it may help you to coordinate your outfit with wild chum. So check out the full trailer, breaking past an idea what you can do with animal buddies.