MOG Log: Final Fantasy XIV broke the narrative rules (still valid)

Monday is my Final Fantasy XIV line, at the end if you think that the end of the game clear the last story-based examples. (I do not know.) Dungeon final sprint over, at least five different grudge match has been built up during the game, who put in their place, villains, all the plot revelation, you can ask. No, I really want to talk about, because there are a lot of people who have not yet cleared the story in detail here.

I can talk about is how to present the story of the game, this is straight out of a huge mistake, the game is not recommended for the book. All maps sent to you, back and forth to take the task, and to convey a simple message. It forced group content together happily mixed forced solo content, which means that you can not rush the whole thing has a good group. The only change in this story based on the initial level, you start with any nation, beyond which is the same, each time through.

This is a temporary tempting to say that this is a return to a more old-fashioned design, but this is not accurate. There was a time when the concept of solo content is seen as strange and exotic things, certainly not the game’s progress is an important part of the path. Not to mention the fact, conventional wisdom says, these are terrible choice, because we all complain. You can be a long slow days between the areas of tourism, but your only choice, and slowly pick their way through Valkurm dunes Final Fantasy XI, I suspect you think it is a great design choice.

If you can not change the class is easy, if you are not gifted with the collection and production of a large number of options, if there is a need to pursue a solution when there is no task … then maybe there will be annoyed reasons. However, because it represents, even when the main story, into the normal aversion territory, it still will not force you to tragic circumstances. You have to do something interesting.