Neverwinter Velasquez Module 2, Lockbox

There are a lot of great interviews with Neverwinter Andy Velasquez, he needs some time of the game and controversial issues, including some of the lockbox retrospective evaluation. In addition, Velazquez comes foundry and module 2 what kind of player might expect.

Our discussion turned to the lock box “necessary evil” (we assume). Velasquez admitted lockbox key is the most popular, although he put a big asterisk, when he observed, which players actually purchase is a rare horse or partner opportunities. The value of these mounts and companions back straight up sales shop and other projects.

Therefore, the necessary lock box in the free play model, these days? “Yes, no,” Velasquez said. “They are not a universal truth.”

Ultimately, the studio hopes mailbox number with appropriate perceived value, so players do not feel bad to spend money to open them – do not feel bad that they completely avoided.