Strongest Monks! 20 hurt mantis ultra combos. Speed ​​aesthetics! !

These days they dug Neverwinter Nights 2, equipped with a character card, came up with a super monks, heroic dragon dream up half of DR whirl down, even a complete whirl did not withstand the attack. Specially come to share.
People open the card Dark Elf 14/18/6/8/14/18
Finally occupation, 11 Monk / 8 Priest / a warlock / 10 Red Dragon
Mainly rely on the expertise and spell: epic god, God can, the perfect pair of arms, high-speed batter
Ideas: The 5 Pastor (force field) Get God can spell, always with the same fellow soldiers attack bonus. Reached the highest number of attacks original. Batter to improve high-speed main hand attacks, with red dragon promoted properties to be perfect pair of arms to replicate main hand attacks, with the epic supernatural increase damage.Here to supply buy Runescape Gold
Results :28-29 reached 18 batter, epic divine and God can attack after staggering 30 when perfected, can the relationship between God and the 30 soldiers based on the same number of attacks as seven times, high-speed combo after +2 is 9 times 10 times acceleration +1, deputies perfect copy of the same 10 times, a staggering 20 times, plus the epic supernatural power. Take only a single +5 Sickle, an offensive output easily over 800, while AB is quite high, almost no valid attack. Monks and priests grade exemption because the relationship is good, Red Dragon offers free and blind fire fighting, for a large number of masks in the Shadow of anti terror.
In fact, the strongest monks.
Disadvantages: Because the three part-time basic vocational, figures for the drow and difficult to upgrade, although God can get early and regular divine power, small form early, but perfection to reach 28 or more, leveling difficult.