Neverwinter role of guardian fighter

Neverwinter beefs up skirmishes with Call to Arms

Sword board is what you get , this tank classes. I played the guardian fighter in the testing phase , it was found that a large number of persistent visceral melee class action – a standard tank , more or less. Shield and heavy armor in keeping intact the players squishy inside is absolutely important, but it is more important for you to know when blockades and strikes . Are you going to dance the way most attacks , so turtling when you see incoming damage is essential. You can only stop if you have the stamina , so it’s not like you want to block all the time , either.

On the offensive end , “The Guardian ” fighters attacked a one-handed weapon , and can often cause pain on multiple enemies . Establish threat , it is essential, although you have at your disposal a mockery .

Although the ” Guardian” fighter is not going to deal as much damage as most other classes , I do not understand that this is a slack impression. Has incredible durability and elasticity, making a simple class , do not worry too much about boss fights , fancy footwork , or a blow fall dead . In addition, the quality of the game will make the tank group GFS popular ( in every MMO such classes ) .