Let’s buy FIFA 15 Coins at UTfifa15coins! Coin and Item Transfer Issues were Repaired


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has had a problem for months, in which coin and item transfers do not complete and get stuck, leaving players out of pocket. But finally, EA Sports is doing something about it.
“We recently ran into a technical issue that prevented us from properly resolving stuck content (player items or coins) for the FIFA Ultimate Team accounts of a small number of FIFA fans,” said EA Sports on its support site. “We are now able to review these select few accounts, and we will be working to unstick these items for the affected FIFA fans.”
Fixes will rolling out on the next few days and EA Sports is offering affected users “a one-time package of untradeable packs” by way of an apology. Affected users will be contacted via their Origin email address or their EA Sports Football Club News Alerts for confirmation.
“After receiving this update, expect your untradeable packs to arrive within the next few days,” says EA Sports.

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