The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Will be held in November

FIFA has Confirmed the Date of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

After the World Cup in Qatar, scandals, and the World Cup held time became a subject of debate. Recent FIFA advice when the World Cup held in November – December, the end result will be in the March 19 to 20. Look at the World Cup in the winter, it seems to become true. Because Qatar in the summer is very hot, outdoor temperature as high as 40 ℃, even Qatar has promised to build closed with the field of air conditioning, but high temperature brings security problems still exist.

FIFA suggested that one of the important content is to discuss the 2022 World Cup, hold time, members of the working group of a proposed put cup between November to December, are most representative in favor of the proposal, FIFA secretary general watts said, at present, only this scheme is feasible. The final bill will be March 19 to 20, 2015.

But once the World Cup held in November, the ongoing European leagues will have been halved, the loss of players and may lead to injury will greatly influence the achievement of the club and the league’s commercial interests. FIFA will be paid to the ongoing European league team a huge damages. Task force recommended open on November 26, the 2022 World Cup final on December 23, that is to say, on Christmas Eve watching the World Cup final.

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