Brazil’s Ronaldo is Comeback

Brazil legend Ronaldo attempts comeback with Fort Lauderdale Strikers - if he can get fit

Former football star Ronaldo officially announces comeback. All international football, Zinedine Zidane to save France squad and entered the national team, Mira and uncle under the call of the President of Cameroon, select campaign and repeatedly broke the record for the country, “kidney fighter” Klasnic’s attitude does not bow to fate, these stars are classic.

Romario frequently called the wonders of comeback. throughout the football world at retirement, again despite the fact that many of the players, but Romario to be perhaps the most legendary, because he is the world’s “comeback” top stars. In 2004, the 38-year old Romario announced his retirement. In April 2005, the 1000 goals Romario to break into a career, he again announced comebacks. Because gamma after Colts coaching change, he became the team’s interim coach and player, Romario played for another year. Yet in November 2009, Romario in order to “achieve her late father’s wish”, another comeback for American teams Brazil serie b. Romario so often “comeback”, also became international football a spectacle.

Zinedine Zidane to save France spared no expense. Since August 12, 2004 when Zinedine Zidane after officially retired from international football, France fans for the call of the soul, 10th return will never stop. On the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, France suffered a crisis of unprecedented outlet. It makes sense a strong Zidane sit up, he said, “the retired from the national team is the most important thing in my life, at the time of making this decision, I after repeated consideration, is adamant. But now I’ve made the opposite decision, also after repeated consideration, is adamant. Very simple, the national team is crucial to me, the national team has given me everything, now is the time when the national team needs me, I am also willing to give their all. “Then he did return for the France team.

Mira continuous legend Deke. Milla of Cameroon in Africa, football is a household name, was Uncle fans affectionately known as Mira, he announced his retirement in 1987. But in 1990, Milla Uncle received a call from Cameroon President, hope he can return to the pitch for the expedition of Cameroon in the World Cup. Thus, Mira already 38 years old uncle once again put on the shirt, and he became also scored 4 goals in 1990, the timeless classic of the World Cup. Classic continues but belonged to Uncle Mira, 4 years later he attended the United States World Cup, and scored again, scored the oldest player on the World Cup. Mira Uncle legend, will no doubt be sung for generations.

Ronaldo champions hit back at question. in April 2000, Italy Cup match, substitute Cristiano Ronaldo only played 6 minutes in the change to box with the sudden pain on the ground, wounded his fragile knee, he recuperated over a 1.5 year period accordingly. When people think of “alien” is difficult to perform miracles when in 2002 at the World Cup, Ronaldo returned from injury to score 8 goals, won the World Cup Golden boot at the same time also helped Brazil team wins the World Cup, and at the end of 2002 won the world player of the year and European Footballer of the year for two awards. In less than 1 year’s time, Ronaldo used his phenomenal performance to return everyone’s questions.

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