Albion Online & GDC 2016: Quick Preview The Tablet Version Of Albion Online

For any a Albion Online fans, it’s safe to say that they have been excited about it for a long time, however, as a veteran of Ultima Online, I have been expecting more things, I’m looking forward to playing on my IPad more than this. In that way, we can see how the touch inferface of the game is going to work, in addition to this, just like how it works on a PC with a mouse. For Albion Online latest news update, make sure to click the link:


One major correction from this video though, Albion Online is going to be universal. The experience likely won’t be as great on the iPhone, but you will be able to play it on any device.

Albion Online is in a closed beta right now, and they’re still working hard on getting the game released. If you’d like to join in early, you can register an account right now. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that albion online gold for sale.