FFXIV Expansion: Stormblood Will Offer Players Two New Trade

Previously, the team of Final Fantasy XIV was preparing the second expansion Stormblood, but now, it’s worth delighting that Final Fantasy XIV the new expansion soon to be released on June 20. Although the team have a lot to do, we are very happy to see the launch trailer for Stormblood. A brand new story, new professions, a reworked combat system, swimming and diving and so much more.

Final Fantasy XIV requires constant updates given its character as an MMO. What’s more, Square Enix have announced the graphics improvements that will provide the version of PlayStation 4 Pro. Final Fantasy XIV will be available on June 20 on PS4 and PC, more Final Fantasy XIV new expansion informations and update please click here.

Final Fantasy: Stormblood will offer players two new trades: Red Mage and Samurai, in addition to raising the maximum level to 70. In this expansion you will be able to visit new areas like Gyr Abania, Ruby Sea, Yanxia or Azim Steppe. On the other hand, thanks to the fact that players will now be able to swim and dive, an underwater race composed entirely of female members.

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