ESO Tips On Finding Treasures In Morrowind Maps

Treasure maps are items that show a sketch of a place where a treasure is hidden. The treasure is buried in a mound of earth and can only be found if the corresponding treasure map is in the inventory.

In this guide you will find all treasure cards from Vvardenfell. The area came into play with the expansion Morrowind.

Tip: Here you will also find all the heavenly shards in Vvardenfell.

Without the treasure map in the inventory, a treasure can not be excavated. If you are looking for treasure hunt, you should not discard treasure cards, even if they fill the inventory quickly.

If a treasure is excavated, a treasure chest will appear, the content of which is dependent on the character level (level and champion points). Therefore, it is advisable to open treasures with a character that can carry the highest level of equipment in the game (currently, the level is 50 champion points 160).

When the treasure chest is excavated, the treasure map disappears from the inventory.

Treasure cards can be dropped by enemies or found in containers in the world. Both occur rather rarely and treasure cards can not be targeted.

Since treasure cards are tradable, they can also be found at guild dealers, as long as another player places them there.

In the Kronen shop, there is the adventure package, which contains treasure cards for all areas of the 3 alliances and from Kalthaften. The common opinion here is, however, that the crowns are not worth for the contents from the treasure chests, especially since treasure cards are still a very time-consuming undertaking.