Webzen Will Be Bringing New Content To MU Legend Open Beta Users

MU Legend brings new content in the near future, needless to say, all fans are expecting it to come. Thanks to Webzen, and it will be bringing new content to MU Legend open beta users with the release of the faction Wars update on January 9th. In MU Legend, players can choose from three distinct classes – Dark Knight, Dark Mage and Elf and explore this epic world on here, know more about MU Legend.

MU Legend

Among the ranks of the big and numerous novelties for 2018, stands the mysterious Spellbinder class which will bring the number of playable characters to 5. The new content allows guilds to challenge one another for the ascendancy of the server and to prove which fellow players’ supremacy will rule over the server.

The game is the next in line to be released, after the long-lasting classic MU Online and recent games such as MU Legend and MU Origin, establishing the MU franchise for the next generations. In the Korean version of MU Legend a major update called Noria was announced. “Noria” will bring a new continent in the name of which this update is named, new soul stones that can add additional properties to the abilities of classes, as well as new grid items.

Publisher Webzen has announced the release of a major update introducing fractional warfare into MU Legend. Guild wars in MU Legend run like tournaments by turns, rewarding each participating guild. In the final it decides which guild wins the war – until the next battle starts. There is no official release date for MU Legend yet, but the developers promise to release more new content. Do you intend to buy MU Legend Zen from U4GM, this is your wisest option.