The Fury Opinion About The New Lands Feywild


Fury of the Feywild
Greetings warriors.

Your weapons, ready to read the mysterious feywild opinion.

We are delighted that this new period of growth.

Growth, you will find the mysterious woods wizard. Some trees are healthy, but other woods tainted curse. Oh, crap now I curse. Maintaining a second, let me uncurse. We go there.

Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild
How do you want to look at the growth stage?

A new class called “archer.” This class will be an archer’s bow and arrow range class. If this class will have other weapons (I can not answer). Arrows because they use, there may be a variety of arrow. For example: Flame Arrow, Frostbolt, normal arrows, poisoned arrows, etc. .. (this may be a capability).

Some individual houses, such as Hall. However, at this moment, a guild thing is his / her personal guild things, a guild vault. I Also in Gauntlgrym, excaly think, queues, and the rest of the party leadership of party members do not need to accept. Trickster class should be weakened. Because at this point, they are not balanced with other classes.

I hope that some of the new levels, 60 partitions. Because the original you just have a 60 district level. This can be boring to live in the same horizontal area. I almost forgot to install tome price, I hope they have reduced a lot, because they do not get sold. Cause auction house horse a lot cheaper.