Neverwinter Star Diamond Guide

The new ” Neverwinter players some of the most common question is” What is the Diamond Astral , ” I can use them ” and ” How do I get more people to do ? ” Let’s take a look !

Astral Diamonds are what ?

Star Diamond (AD) in the currency of the game one of the most useful types , ZEN, ” Neverwinter real money, money , work together. They are used as a variety of services , such as auction houses and a variety of ” time , savers ” in the game’s base currency. Neverwinter some activities , like leveling companion, take time to complete, but if you have an emergency , you can use AD to speed up the process you can also use the Star Diamond Exchange to transfer AD ZEN and vice versa !

Astral Diamonds How earned ?

There are plenty of ways to earn advertising Neverwinter ! Here is a brief list of the most common and the most efficient.

Sold in the auction items: When you run a dungeon and get booty, is of no use , your character, you can simply sell it at auction . As mentioned earlier, the auction house used as currency AD and sales items here , you can make a good profit .
Daily tasks : everyday tasks get AD is the most common way . You can do different types of daily tasks (PVP, PVE prison , PvE skirmishes , casting task ) , completed award AD. Award a daily task differently. Conversation Rhix protected enclaves in their daily tasks , or simply through the landing page activation !
Such activities : Every half hour , there is an opportunity to do specific activities and get bonus rewards. Some of them like a skirmish special event that will give you extra AD. By default, the event appears in the top right corner of the screen or landing page, in the lower part .
Profession: Leading Professional allows you to send your assets collected AD. The more you progress leading professional, you can get more in return ! You can also create all day , because the gateway .
Sales ZEN: you can send to the AD Zen in Astral Diamond Exchange ( in the bottom of this article ) .
Call : In the ” Neverwinter , you can mouth the campfire once per hour. Invocation grants you a few enthusiasts and bonuses, including AD! Previous three , your mouth within 24 hours , you will get AD. This is a very simple method , steady and rapid earn AD, so do not miss out !

How do I use astral diamonds in the game ?

Prior earn advertising can be used in the game, they must first be refined. Most of the time, when you will get AD they will unrefined coarse Star Diamond and stored in your inventory , and you can not use this form. You can either wait for the game to automatically sharpen , or simply open the inventory and currency ” tab, click ” Filter “button, if you have unrefined advertising ( daily 24,000 AD) is . Ads will be added to your total advertising pool .