Foundry Spotlight: Tower District Travails

Neverwinter casting spotlights Welcome!

Casting is “Neverwinter function toolkit for everyone to play and experience, allowing players to create dungeons, story and adventure With casting, you can build your own mission, full of tasks, non-player characters (NPC’s ), monsters, role-playing opportunities, and / or non-stop fighting, they share with the world. your imagination is Neverwinter foundry springboard.

Casting Spotlight is a community-driven hand-picked, creative players to create dungeons, so action-packed fight, interesting role-playing opportunities, or other unique experience, focusing on the columns. These exciting missions suggest that if you are looking for a place to start, play user-generated content, or looking for inspiration for their future dungeons.

This month’s spotlight to illuminate the pursuit of a “Tower District Journey,” by Celantra, cast the first race winner: Tower District!